From the moment I met Olive, I felt safe and secure to share my hopes and dreams for my life. Olive has an incredible empathy and her genuine interest in people shines through.

Olive gently guided me through talking about my future goals and, once I had identified my goals, Olive supported my progress in achieving them.

Olive has an incredible gift of encouraging a person to realise their strengths and to work on these.

Her gentle guidance is very skilful and I left each session feeling enthusiastic and empowered to make positive changes in my life.

Olive’s coaching sessions are like a gift, each session brought me on a journey of self-discovery where my hopes and dreams became a reality.

Olive helped me to reconnect with areas of my life which had become lost over time, leading me to feel more fulfilled and creative.

I would recommend Olive Branch to anyone who feels at a crosswords in their life or for anyone lacking direction or motivation.

Olive is professional, confidential and inspiring and I believe that anyone who is fortunate enough to have the benefit of Olive’s coaching skills will find themselves ready to enjoy and embrace life with renewed energy and determination.